Anglian Water Encourages Water Efficient Communities

Anglian Water has recently revealed its new plans to help create more “water efficient communities”. The water authority will offer a discount to developers who build homes that encourage residents to use less water.

Part of this ‘encouragement’ comes in the form of rainwater harvesting – collecting and storing rainwater for the purpose of re-using it at a later date. Common uses for rainwater include toilet flushing systems, garden watering and washing cars. This therefore reduces unnecessary consumption of drinking water.

The plans coincide with Ofwat’s final rules for developer charging which were published last year but are not due to take effect until April 2018: “[The rules] places obligations on companies to work with their customers to develop, agree and maintain sector guidance.”

Anglian Water claims that these new rules presented an opportunity to change the way in which developers were charged: “The average consumption [of water] per person per day is around 125 litres.” The discount will apply to the infrastructure charges for connections on homes that help residents to reduce their consumption to 100 litres per day. This may mean a discount of £722 per connection.

Presently, Anglian Water is the only water company to adopt this sort of change in a bid to increase water efficiency, however, other companies such as Southern Water have also been vocal about the importance of saving water: “Saving water is important as only 3% of the world’s water is fresh and less than 1% of this fresh water is available for human use.”

For more information about rainwater harvesting and the appropriate products to create a successful system, visit our Rainwater Harvesting page.

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