Direct Water Tanks Supplies Water Tanks For Major New Channel 4 Sci-Fi Series

Many moons ago, we were approached by a production designer working on a major new sci-fi series for Channel 4 with an unusual wish list: 30x 3,400 litre open top water tanks (that’s 102,000 litres!) We were told they would be an integral part of one of the episodes, but very little else!

Our 3400 litre water tanks were used in the production of a Channel 4 show

We learned that these water tanks were turned into props for the Channel 4 series Philip K Dick’s Electric Dreams, a series of hour-long episodes, each starring and directed by different people, based on the short stories by Philip K Dick. The episode in which our water tanks starred aired on 8th October 2017 in an episode called Crazy Diamond. (Catch the episode here.)

Our tanks were used with plastic piping and lights to create a science laboratory

In this episode, we are taken to a futuristic world of artificial life and synthetic people where we follow Ed Morris (Steve Buscemi), a desperate scientist that becomes embroiled in an illegal plot after being approached by a mysterious woman (Sidse Babett Knudsen).

Our tanks were used extensively throughout the episode as ‘pods’ in which artificial life known as “quantum consciousness” or “QCs” were being developed.

Steve Buscemi gets to work creating artificial life in our tanks!

Although supplying several water tanks to be used as props on a major TV set may sound like an unusual request, it surprisingly wasn’t our first: just last month, we supplied 20x IBCs to a production company for Stand Up To Cancer UK to transform into giant light bulbs!

We are extremely pleased to be given the opportunity to contribute to any project, particularly anything for the small or big screen!

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