Direct Water Tanks Supports Stand Up To Cancer With YouTube 2017

We are delighted to have assisted the production team behind a renowned and excellent cause: Stand Up To Cancer with YouTube 2017.

Stand Up To Cancer (SU2C) with YouTube 2017 is a four-hour live-stream that aired on Thursday 7th September 2017 at 5pm and is still available to be viewed now – click here

In the search for props for the set, the talented Damien Creagh and Rubber Republic approached us for 23 IBCs. For the first time (in our company’s history, anyway!) the IBCs were bought with the intention to transform them into giant, colour-changing light bulbs. They were then used to decorate the set in which the various presenters and guests were filmed. #SpotTheIBCs…

We were eager to help where we could and accommodate the production team’s desired delivery times. It was important to work to a tight schedule because the SU2C team had a very tight deadline.

“We were more than happy to assist the production team with their requirements, the set design looked fantastic and was a really creative way to utilise the IBCs. We were also proud to be involved in such a worthy cause, cancer affects so many lives and the money raised by Stand Up To Cancer is vital in contributing to the research for a cure to these diseases.”
        – Richard Martin – Ecommerce Director – Direct Water Tanks

Damien emailed afterwards with a note of thanks: “Delivery was great… they (IBCs) will be ‘on’ right through the four-hour livestream.”

Stand Up To Cancer is a widely acclaimed charity that aims to “show cancer who’s boss” and raise funds for clinical research. So far, the charity has raised over £38m for vital scientific research in a bid to find a cure for cancer: “100% of the money goes towards funding cancer-crushing science.”

The charity encourages anyone to get involved by raising money through various fundraisers. You too can “join the rebellion” by signing up here.

If you would like to learn more about Stand Up To Cancer, follow them here on Facebook and Twitter.