Water Tanks For Distilleries & Breweries

Water tanks are ideal for transporting and storing substantial amounts of liquid. In particular, they are ideal for companies that manufacture such quantities of liquids such as breweries and distilleries.

Companies that create wines, ciders, beers and ales require suitable methods of storing their product during and after the production process.

Beers and ales often need to be stored for weeks at a time.

1000 Litre New IBC Containers are popular among breweries and distilleries

Additionally, a lot of small and/or independent breweries are unable to put their product into kegs or cans themselves, and so require means for their beer, cider and wines to be transported to companies that can do so:

“Like a lot of small breweries, we don’t have the ability to put beer into cans or kegs at our site, so we fill the IBC with fresh beer and then send it to a company that can can or keg it for us. That’s specifically why we bought a food grade tank.” – Pentrich Brewing Company

After the alcohol is brewed and filtered, it requires packaging. If the liquid is not put straight into bottles, it will need to be canned or kegged. Potable water tanks allow breweries to easily and safely transport and store their product before it is suitably packaged. Liquids going to high-volume customers may need putting into bulk tanks.

The Pentrich Brewing Company has been brewing beers since 2013 and ordered a water tank to store and transport their products before it could be kegged.

Loudons Brewing & Distilling Ltd is an independent family brewing company that used their water tank to harvest rainwater to use in a new range of beer they were creating.

John’s Wine & Spirit Specialist produce wines, spirits, beers and ciders from Cornwall. They needed a water tank to transport their produce to get bottled.


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