Direct Water Tanks Features On Grand Designs

We are proud to announce that Direct Water Tanks was recently featured on the popular Channel 4 series, Grand Designs, as a supplier of an underground rainwater harvesting tank.

The owners of Devonshire’s Otter Farm, Mark and Candida Diacono, began plans for a sustainably-responsible farmhouse and winery back in 2014 and their design and build journey was the subject of an episode aired in November 2016.

We were contacted by Mark Diacono with his plans to recycle large amounts of rainwater in a bid to make Otter Farm more environmentally-friendly. He purchased our 6,800 Litre Underground Water Tank to supply water to his crops and plants within his polytunnel as well as his kitchen garden.

We advised Mark on the best solution for his needs using our knowledge from previous underground water tank installations.

Underground water tanks are great for rainwater harvesting, which is the process of collecting and storing rainwater for later use. These uses can span from irrigation, plumbing and washing cars. Collecting rainwater in this way saves costs on water and the environment.

6,800 Litre Underground Water Tank

The Diaconos used Crowdfunder to raise money during the construction process and now it is finished, it is used as host for multiple courses such as beekeeping, cooking and farming.

Their aim is to inspire and enable “people from all backgrounds to grow and cook real food” and they use Otter Farm as the hub from which they work.

Alongside cooking and food-growing, Otter Farm also hosts courses in food-writing and garden photography for those looking for a more creative outlet for their food interests.

In essence, Otter Farm  is open to anyone interested in learning about food, from growing it, to cooking it, to even writing about it, and offer open days to those who simply want to “wander around.”

“Green in build and energy.” – Mark Diacono, via Crowdfunder.

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Additionally, you can read more about Otter Farm at Grand Designs Magazine.

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