Above Ground Rainwater Harvesting Systems

Rainwater harvesting is simply a way of collecting rain which falls onto a roof and would normally flow down the drain, this over time will reduce water usage in the home, leading to reduced water bills. This has become popular in many peoples homes and gardens as a way of reusing rainwater, such as watering the garden, flushing the toilet and washing the car.

We supply underground rainwater harvesting systems, but recently we have started supplying above ground rainwater harvesting systems. These are more beneficial compared to the conventional underground systems due to no excavations or major building works being required to install the tanks. Many people would have to hire vehicles and installers to dig the hole and install the underground tank as these products can be difficult to install correctly in order to make them last.


Having an above ground tank would mean that you would be able to fix a tap near to the base to draw the water out. This would eliminate any reason for needing a pump, reducing costs to the installation of an above ground water tank system compared to an underground water tank system.

Even though tanks are normally quite low maintenance anyway, these above ground tanks are easy to maintain and look after. This is because all of the connections needed for rainwater harvesting are above the ground meaning any problems that could occur would be easily noticed and would be simpler and cheaper to fix or replace.

Another advantage of the above ground rainwater harvesting system is that it is simple to upgrade and change. This is because the tank can be changed without any need to dig up the existing one, costs will therefore be reduced and installation will be quicker and simpler.