Baffled Tanks For Car Valeting and Window Cleaning Businesses

With the rise in self employment and the growth of the UK economy in recent years, we’ve experienced a large increase in the popularity of our range of baffled water tanks with start-up and established car valeting/car detailing and window cleaning businesses.

We receive regular enquiries about how our baffled tanks can be used to transport water in vehicles, how they are installed into vans and how water can be pumped in and out of the tanks.

What size tank should I choose?

It’s a common question which can be difficult to answer 100% accurately but we always do our best to steer customers in the right direction. There are a number of factors which need to be considered to help narrow down your choices.

As a general guide, domestic window cleaners usually use around 350 litres of water daily and a twin user set-up (2 operators working at the same time) will often use around 650 litres of water daily.

Mobile car cleaners/detailers use approximately 100 litres to clean an average size car with a pressure washer system. This can vary depending on the cleaning methods used but is generally considered to be enough water to complete a complete vehicle detail.

The weight of the water should also be considered, remember the following:

1 litre = 1 kg

Transporting large volumes of water will have an effect on your fuel consumption and the wear and tear of your vehicle’s transmission and brakes. All important factors to consider when choosing a baffled tank. Your vehicle will have a weight limit and you’ll need to factor in the weight of the water with the weight of any other equipment being transported.

Having access to water, to refill tanks will also influence whether you need to transport larger or smaller amounts of water. Certain water tank systems allow you to ‘plug in’ to a tap, meaning you can refill as you work, which can reduce the size of tank needed for the job.

What equipment do I need with a baffled tank?

The most common set-up with a baffled water tank is a pump, pump controller, leisure battery/power source to power the pump and a heavy duty hose to connect the tank to the pump.

You will also need a heavy duty hose to connect the pump to the hose reel. The heavy duty hose can be either high or low pressure, it depends on your requirements. Additionally, you may also need a water filter system and connector clips.

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