Intermediate Bulk Container (IBC) Range

An intermediate bulk container (IBC) is a reusable industrial container, which is designed for the safe transportation and storage of bulk liquids. These are stackable containers, mounted on a pallet that are designed to be moved using a forklift or pallet jack. IBC’s are a cost effective solution as they can be significantly cheaper than a similarly sized standard water storage tanks.

We supply three types of IBCs; new, re-bottled and reconditioned. New IBC’s are constructed from completely brand new materials and parts, they are therefore a more expensive option. Re-bottled IBC’s have brand new bottles/storage tanks but the cage around the tank will have been used before. Reconditioned IBC’s are fully refurbished tanks where the tank and cage have been previously used but they will have been professionally cleaned ready to be resold. Our IBCs are available with a timber, steel or plastic pallet and are all available in 1000 litres.

A frequently asked question regarding the IBC’s is, what is the difference between the UN approved and the standard IBC’s? Simply it’s down to what liquid is being stored within the containers. If it’s a chemical (flammable or corrosive) then the container would have to be the UN approved version because the seal is designed especially for these types of liquids, the standard IBC seals are not suitable.

Here at Direct Water Tanks, we stock a range of IBCs, which are all available with an optional next day delivery service. We are currently offering a 2 for 1 delivery charge, where if you buy two containers, the delivery remains £49.99, which is the same delivery price for one.

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