Our Top 10 Most Interesting Water Facts

Over the past few months we have collated interesting water facts, the top 10 have now been posted into this blog article for everybody to see!

1. On average a person in the UK uses 150 litres of water per day.


2. Did you know that just 1 drip of water per second wastes around 5, 000 litres of water each year!


3. The roof of a four bedroom family home on average captures more than
100, 000 litres of rain water each year.

Detached red brick house

4. Turning off a running tap while brushing your teeth will save water! Leaving the tap on wastes 6 litres of water every minute.

kitchen sink with water drops

5. Around 25% of the household’s energy bill comes from heating water.

termostatic radiator

6. One third of our water is lost through leaky pipes before it even gets to our homes.


7. Did you know that 50% of water that is used within the household doesn’t need to be of potable water quality?


8. A four minute shower uses between 90 and 180 litres of water.


9. 63% of our daily consumption at home comes from the bathroom and the toilet.


10. You can survive about a month without food, but only 5 to 7 days without water.


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