World Wide Water Crisis

  • Worldwide, 894 Million people do not have access to adequate Water resources.
  • Over 2.5 Billion people do not have access to basic sanitation.
  • Water related illnesses are the cause of 1 in 5 deaths in children under 5 years of age globally.
  • In developing countries over 80% of sewage is released in to the environment untreated.
  • 2000 children per day die from diarrhoea directly linked to poor sanitation and unclean water.
  • Annually, there are 1.5 Billion preventable deaths worldwide due to lack of basic sanitation.
  • 50% of hospital beds worldwide are taken up by people suffering from illness due to poor sanitation or lack of a clean water resource.
  • It is estimated by 2050 the world population will require 50% more water than is consumed currently.
  • In the developing world over 50% of Primary Schools do not have facilities for water and sanitation.
  • The top three countries in the world who are the largest consumers of water are: India, China and the USA.
  • Cholera is still prevalent in over 50 countries worldwide.
  • 8 times more water is consumed in a home in the USA than a home in India.
  • The average amount of water consumed per person in Gambia is 4.5 Litres per day, in the west 8 Litres of clean water is used in a single toilet flush.

At Direct Water Tanks we donate a percentage of our profits to Water Aid, which is a none – governmental organisation with a mission to raise awareness and funds to provide clean water to some of the poorest communities in the world: