Rainfall Statistics – UK

  •  1933 was the driest year in the UK in the past 100 years.
  • The wettest place in the UK is Liscombe in Somerset, the village based on Exmoor received a staggering 291mm of rainfall in April 2012
  • April 2012 broke all previous records for rainfall with 122mm of rain recorded. In April the average rainfall is usually 70mm
  • The annual average rainfall in London is 594mm
  • The annual average rainfall  in Manchester is 806mm
  • Glasgow is only 50 miles from Edinburgh but has twice as much rain.
  • In the drought of 1976 some  areas of the south west of England went without rain for 45 days
  • In Scotland, the Western Highlands is amongst the wettest places in Europe, receiving an average annual rainfall of 4,575mm
  • Wales has double the amount of annual rainfall than that of East Anglia
  • The UK record for the highest level of rainfall in 24 hours was recorded in Cumbria on the 19th November 2009 when 314mm was recorded
  • The majority of the population of the UK live in areas where the annual average rainfall is between 600 – 800mm


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