Water Butts – The Benefits Of Use

Purchasing and utilising a Water Butt helps you store water for use in the garden throughout the summer months.

Installing a Water Butt can save you money on your Water Bill and captured rain water is  far better for plants than tap water, rain water is full of all the right nutrients as opposed to tap water which is cleaned with chlorine and other chemicals. Plants also prefer water to be of an ambient temperature rather than cold water straight from the tap.

A hosepipe can use up to 1000 Litres of water per hour and with an average of 100,000 Litres of rain water falling on an average 4 bedroom house per year in the UK, it makes sense to make use of this otherwise wasted resource.

The ideal method of capturing rain water in a Water Butt is to connect the Water Butt to the down pipe form your roof by using a Rain Diverter Kit. This is easily fitted by simply cutting out a section of the down pipe and diverting the water into the Water Butt. When the Water Butt is full, the rain water will flow straight down the drain pipe as intended.

Here at Direct Water Tanks we have on offer a wide range of Water Butts for sale ranging from 100 to 1500 Litres in volume and with various designs to suit many different surroundings, including Stone effects, Circular, Decorative and Tall and Column Water Butts.

To view our range visit: https://www.directwatertanks.co.uk/water-butts