Water Statistics UK

  • The average consumption of water per person in the UK is 150 Litres per day
  • The average family consumes 500 Litres per day.
  • We use 50% more water today than 25 years ago
  • Water consumption in the UK is growing at 1% per year
  • There are 2500 water treatment works in the UK
  • There are 9000 sewage treatment works in the UK
  • There¬† are 1000 reservoirs in the UK
  • There are 700,000 Kilometres of main water and sewage pipes in the UK
  • There are 26 companies in the UK providing water and sewerage services
  • Throughout the Summer months water consumption in the UK can increase by up to 50% due to gardening
  • OFWAT (The Water Services Regulation Authority) is the regulator of the water and sewage sectors in England and Wales
  • In the drought of 1976 parts of the South West of England went without rain for 45 days without rain during July and August causing crops to fail and increasing food prices by 12%
  • The river Severn is the longest river in the UK stretching for 220 miles followed in second by the river Thames which flows for 215 miles